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Dispatching labour to work overseas outline


Selection Process of employees: 

1 Pre-qualification 

After every single employment unit, the Company recruitment notification on advertising media reported location nationwide and locally in order to select the appropriate candidates to meet the requirements of the recruitment. Although we always keep a record of labor resources with reserves sufficient information about the skill level and experience, job opportunities always open to other candidates. 

The company will arrange accommodation, transportation help workers complete the quickest procedure. The process of testing skills and employment is guaranteed with the help of experienced professionals, skill and high technology in all industries, due to the specialized surveillance expert guidance. 

2 health checks 

After checking the skilled company will proceed to raise labor recruitment medical examination at the medical facility authorized by the standards of the embassy of the country of employment. 

3 Training 

Workers will be trained and oriented education courses within 3 months in order to match the requirements of the skill occupations of employer prior to hiring. 

4 contest / interview 

The candidate will be representative of the employer skill test. 

5 Advanced Training 

The labor recruitment will be trained to improve both the knowledge and skills to ensure quality standards. 

6 Please visa / visa 

An application for a visa will be all employers submit to the embassy of the country represented employers in the form of block visa or work permit. 

Bookings and exit 7 

The employer will transfer the PTA or the necessary paperwork, travel expenses for the recruit arranged exit plan. The company will complete the exit procedures for workers. 

8 Education orientation before departure 

Workers must attend orientation training course before exiting. Workers will be provided with information on the obligations and responsibilities when working in a foreign country, information on living and working conditions in the host country as well as the features of the country’s labor laws employers.