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How to know the procedure to work overseas

These procedures need to prepare workers before going abroad to register workers: 

1 Passport 

  This is compulsory papers that any public employee should have to go register for the export of labor.

Procedures for issuing passports for the first time: 
Declaration granting ordinary passports (open TK1 form, obtained from the police office where registration). 
03 photos 4 x 6 cm with white background, taken within the last 06 months, directly facing bare head. 
People’s identity card (original for comparison), the original household registration book (if any). 
Procedures for renewal, supplement, amend, renew or reissue passports: 

1 declarations for extension, supplement, amend, renew ordinary passport (Form TK2). If application for extension, supplement, modify the pasted 01 passport photos in the declarations, if applying for passport renewal is accompanied by 03 photographs taken within the last 6 months, size 4 x 6 cm, white background, directly facing bare head. 
Case for altering the personal details of the passport records (such as name, date of birth, place of birth …), must be accompanied by papers on the legal value of personal details change it. 
The case of loss of passport reissued, or 1 year or more overdue for extension or new application for the changes to procedures such as applying for a passport for the first time. 
Where to apply, the results: 

Filing register directly at the provincial police office where registration of permanent residence. If valid dossier, the police will issue appointment for workers to obtain passports. Time typically ranges from 5-15 days after completing the application. 
Fee: 200,000 VND 

2 Paper verify no criminal record (also known as Justice Paper) 

The application for certification of no criminal need to provincial police office where registration of permanent residence to register. The procedure is as follows: 
+ Application for confirmation criminal conviction status (Form 1a), if authorized (sample 1b); 
+ Certificate of identity (original); 
+ Household registration book (the original, if available). 
If the application for the certificate of no criminal record (due to past due) shall be accompanied by a certificate issued no previous convictions. 
Within 05 days of receipt of a valid application, the agency will be fully functional certify no criminal citizens. 
In case of necessity, require complex and subject to search through the museum’s letter or other local ministries, the time limit is 10 days. 
Fee: 50,000 

3 health certificate 

Laborers registered to export labor will be supporting enterprise registration checkup at hospital designated by government regulations. Case workers with diseases such as tuberculosis, syphilis, HIV … will not go qualified labor export. 
Fee: According to General Hospital. 

4 Procedures for bank loans 

For those who labor under difficult conditions to bank loans, our company will provide the support necessary papers to employees can easily access to the most preferential loans in the shortest possible time. 

Bank loan applications, including: 
Certificate of recruitment. 
Request for transfer. 
The commitment to month, quarter or year. 
Request for loans (for singles). 
Request for loans (for a term work overseas). 
Appraisal of credit officers. 
Birth certificates of deposit funds. 
The company’s license. 
Service contracts offer foreign workers.