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Development Corporation Information & Broadcasting (Emico) Voice of Vietnam is one of the leading State Enterprise Labour about bringing Vietnam to work with a term abroad. After more than 10 years of operation, nearly 18,000 Emico put labor to work with the time limit in Taiwan and some other countries.

In Ho Chi Minh City, we now have the Training Center and is Orientation Education Branch of Corporation Emico charge of the southern region. In order to create favorable conditions for Vietnam workers abroad to work to improve and enhance the physical and spiritual life for themselves and their families, exchange earnings for the country; Emico have vocational, language and education oriented scientific, industrial training style, equipped with the necessary knowledge to workers before leaving Vietnam; satisfactorily meet the requirements of all water used in the plant apart: electronics assembly, textiles, dyeing, sewing, plastic, paper, paints, packaging, food processing, mechanical, electro-mechanical, welding, turning, milling, planing, cold, driving forklifts, bulldozers, land scraper, car works … 

With a team of officers, employees, professional teachers, clean, conscientious and knowledgeable legal work on the export of labor; Emico has always been a reliable partner in consulting, training and support to employees during the learning process, to work abroad until completion of contract labor in the country. 

With close ties to the Job Introduction Center of the Department of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs, Labor Union, the Communist Youth League in the province, Ho Chi Minh City; Emico always rubbing shoulders in the propaganda education, advocacy young Vietnam working abroad; willing to help the employee has admitted passports, judicial records, labor export loans … according to the guidelines of the Party and Government.

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